Friday, June 29, 2012

wedding on film

I know I've been the worst blogger of all time, but WE GOT A HOUSE!  Well, not technically I guess, not until we close, and apparently the closing date is subject to change?  madness. 

so in hopes to make up for my time gone, here are some of the wedding photos I took on film from this wedding, as promised. 

I always tell people that film and digital are like twins.  for everyone unfamiliar with it, it may be hard to tell them apart, but to someone who is with them all the time, they are completely and totally different. 
(confession:  I STILL can't tell the olsen twins apart if they have the same hair color, which really says a lot since I grew up watching them solve any crime by dinner time.)

I was assisting Ashley of 41st Avenue Photography for this shoot so my shots are pretty random, just whenever I could pick up my film camera and snap.  you like that ONE PHOTO I got from the reception of the soda bar down there at the bottom?

so, can you tell a difference between this post's pictures and this one?


  1. Love the photos, and love the bouquet!!

  2. congrats on the house! that is so exciting. And beautiful pictures.

    I just have to tell you how wonderful i think you are.
    1) your fam is too good looking!
    2) you're the nicest person ever and so sincere about it
    3) you are the best aerobics partner ever (rocking horse! haha)
    4) is there anything you are bad at?
    5) you are beautiful inside and out

    Thanks for always writing the sweetest things on my blog. You know how to make a girl feel special. Miss you and wish we lived closer also.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Don't know if my Facebook post worked or not because I don't see it on your wall, but Todd and I totally stalked your new house. We were on our first little date without Capri, went to dinner and then decided hey, their house is right here somewhere, so let's go find it! And we did. :) so excited for you guys! Love that you'll be so close. :)


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