Thursday, December 6, 2012

so I'm feeling a bit nostalgic

my baby was three months old yesterday.  did I get a picture?  nope. so I hope he doesn't look much different tomorrow because that's when the photo shoot will take place.  you can call me a cheater, I deserve it.

but just in case you're not a mathematician, three months is halfway to six months.  and that is halfway to twelve, which equals a year.  and then he's off to college.

so yeah, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.  if anyone knows anything that will make the time slow down (or stop!)  let me know.  because as much as I can't wait for this little man to grow up and wrestle his older brother (who may or may not try daily to go ahead and see if he's ready for it yet), I just can't seem to slow each day down enough to soak in enough of this baby and his bright eyes and his perfect mouth and his little dimple.
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