Friday, June 29, 2012

wedding on film

I know I've been the worst blogger of all time, but WE GOT A HOUSE!  Well, not technically I guess, not until we close, and apparently the closing date is subject to change?  madness. 

so in hopes to make up for my time gone, here are some of the wedding photos I took on film from this wedding, as promised. 

I always tell people that film and digital are like twins.  for everyone unfamiliar with it, it may be hard to tell them apart, but to someone who is with them all the time, they are completely and totally different. 
(confession:  I STILL can't tell the olsen twins apart if they have the same hair color, which really says a lot since I grew up watching them solve any crime by dinner time.)

I was assisting Ashley of 41st Avenue Photography for this shoot so my shots are pretty random, just whenever I could pick up my film camera and snap.  you like that ONE PHOTO I got from the reception of the soda bar down there at the bottom?

so, can you tell a difference between this post's pictures and this one?

Monday, June 18, 2012


I had the blessed opportunity to meet this family in North Carolina while I was serving an LDS mission, and they really were a home away from home.  

needless to say I love them and I loved seeing them and being reminded just how fun they are and how many laughs they brought me in the sweet sweet south.  I still need to get back there you know, and its KILLING me that I can't go for a while now......

did I tell you my BROTHER is headed to the south too?!  Alabama to be exact, and I'm so excited for him!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I would have shot this with film.

not that he could have been any better looking, no matter the camera, photographer, or medium.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Joe and someone ELSE'S fiance.

apparently the real fiance couldn't make it.

which is why I'm amazed at how well these turned out, despite the fact that she is indeed engaged to another, likely just as colorful, gentleman.  he wore ray-bans and orange pants.  she wore an orange feather in her hair to match.

I love fake wedding shoots that I wish were real ones.....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

there's just something about this man.

well, obviously he's hot, there's no disputing that.
I mean, those little gray hairs peaking out from his sideburns?  HOT.

but its also in the late night conversations and/or arguments in bed that I fall deeply in love with him all over again. it usually takes place when we've had one too many hours of napping in the afternoon and so we aren't tired but are trying desperately to be.  sometimes those arguments include how I'm unfaithful because after watching The Time Traveler's Wife (sobbed my EYEBALLS out, btw....but duh, I'm pregnant.) he told me that if he knew he would die at a young age, he would insist I would marry again.  I said I wouldn't want to, but if that would make him happy up in the heavens, I would.  and then he said that the only stipulation was that when he appeared from the past that I would still have to make out with him.  I told him I would not!  I could not!  I'm a married woman and that would be unfaithful!

he was NOT pleased with the aforementioned response and revoked his allowance of remarriage and insisted I be lonely forevermore.

but sometimes, when we're feeling especially awake at an indecent hour, we plan our funerals, like last night.  

he wants his short and sweet.  BO-RING.

I want a long (2-3 hours) funeral ceremony and I want hired wailers to line the walk as they carry me to the hurse.  I also want a special musical number by the mormon tabernacle choir, a week long mourning in which all who visit must wear black and be herded to the back yard where a small carnival will take place, a picture of my face beaming on every balloon animal, every ride, every seat of the ferris wheel.  I want a flyover, with a message from hubs to me written in the jet cloud.

I'll exclude the hired wailers from the carnival, of course.  we've got to show some class.

and all the while, next to me in bed, he laughs at the ridiculousness of my ideas and wonders where in the world I come up with these things.

I love making him laugh.  even if it takes a morbid conversation or two.

happy anniversary my love.

all photos by the wonderful Russ Dixon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah (ektar style)

the colors of these photos seem a little off, since ektar isn't known for being a cloudy day film, but I actually really like how these came out.  Thanks to my sister for letting me tag along for her morning walk, and thank you Salt Lake, for only snowing for two seconds.

Monday, June 4, 2012

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to assist Ashley Henry, photographer and owner of  41st Avenue Photography with her most recent wedding.  it. was. awesome.  totally crazy, but awesome.  It was so fun to see a pro wedding shooter at work!  She was an absolute delight, and even helped the entertainment by falling in the pool during the reception.  so. funny. (camera was okay, duh.  otherwise I wouldn't mention it in hopes it would be forever forgotten).  but not this.  no, no.  we must remember this for always.

it was really interesting to see how much better my digital images came out once I had the new film mind frame. (ie don't be afraid to up your ISO).  but it was equally incredible to realize how completely opposite it is to shoot digital after shooting film (err on the side of UNDER exposing in digital, OVER exposing in film). 

I didn't take many shots, but I sure love the ones I got!  see Ashley's amazing shots from the wedding over on Ashley's blog.

Here are just a couple digitals that I loved.

cannot WAIT to see my film.  if I did everything right (which is highly unlikely), it will be absolutely magical.  stay tuned.

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