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clever word, right?  but seriously, isn’t that exactly what it is?  when I first saw this on someone’s else blog, I laughed out loud.  so on my own blog I kept trying to call it something else, but it is what it is.  its an investment folks.  what else would you call something that increases in value with each passing year?

investment it is.  okay, on with it.

I have NO sitting fee.  ridiculous right?  that way if you don’t love it, you don’t pay for it.  any of it.  but if you love it, you buy it.  meaning I charge for each print you want, and I print them through my printers with the best of the best color and quality.  your pictures will look so clear you’ll almost be able to jump right in and live it all over again.  

and yes, of course you can buy a high resolution disk.  it’s 30-35 of the images you choose from my online gallery at  I’ll sign the rights right on over to you.  easy peasy. and you know exactly what you’re getting.  the days of paying for something you don’t absolutely love are over.

you’re welcome ;)

fall 2012 print pricing:

4x6                                                  $10         

5x7                                                  $15  
8x10                                                $20

11x14                                              $30

16x20                                              $75
20x30                                              $100

high resolution disk of one image:  $150

high resolution disk (30-35 images) $300

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