Monday, May 6, 2013

Roman's birth story

To be part of someone else's birth is always amazing.  I'll never forget my first invitation to a birth.  It was magical.  And if it could get any more magical than that, it would be if you were at your own sister's birth.  It was beautiful and she was strong and confident and intuitive. And FAST!  Little Roman was excited to be a part of this world and we were all very excited to meet him.  

And let me just say, that the only thing better than having a midwife that you love is having a midwife that you love that also happens to be your sister.  We have all been lucky to have Tiffany with us at each of our births, and she really is incredible.  I'm so happy I got some of these moments shared with her on camera!

Thank you for letting me be part of your big day.  Hooray for boys!


  1. These pictures are amazing!! So beautiful. Makes me wish you lived here so I could hire you. Love the name too- Milo was almost a Roman.

  2. so amazing. what a treat to find this post. love love love the color ones at the end. Linds looks FABULOUS!

  3. Beautiful photos and subjects, and how does Lindsey look so beautiful right after giving birth!

  4. Your're invited to my next one! you really captured some beautiful moments. I love these so much.


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