Thursday, August 2, 2012

Queen Creek

because, you know, we're trying to live in every city/town/township and range in the greater Phoenix area by the time we turn 30.  

I love how rural this area is.  I loved that I could rollerblade only in our community because no where else had sidewalks.  I loved that I saw the same ladies biking every morning.  I loved driving for ten minutes and passing nothing but fields and fields of corn and grain and alfalfa.  

that is, until I needed milk.

which I probably could have just picked up from the goat farm next door, but I was too shy to ask.

these film images are virtually untouched, and its this top image that reminds me daily that I'd chop off and sell my right arm to be able to buy a camera and shoot with film again.

but until then, I'll just drool over the colors of these photos and dream of buckets and buckets of money being dropped on my doorstep.  (you know, I have one of those now!  it feels so fun to say "MY" doorstep!)

to order these prints or any others, go here.


  1. what limb of my body should i chop off for selling our film camera at a garage sale two years ago---- because who on earth would ever shoot with film again?

  2. I'm glad you searched out the area so you can take my maternity photos in September when I come down. You know, like right after you have your baby and have tons of free time ;)

    And the Gough's totally ate at that Mexican Food place. I don't think they'll be returning...


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