Tuesday, April 10, 2012


two weeks from yesterday I will leave to Orem to experience the FIND workshop.  I am completely self taught in photography, besides this class that I took for two weeks online a year ago.  I have so so so much to learn, and I completely love to capture real moments in a family, in an event, and in the every day.  this is particularly fun when I get to do it alone on my own somewhere where I get to focus 100% on what moves me.

on a whim I bought a slot to this workshop.  its probably the craziest thing I've ever done.  yes, for sure it is.  I even tried to think of something else that this tops and I can't.  I actually think I'm quite boring.

Hurrah for spontaneity!

and now I'm terrified.  terrified of the cost, terrified that I'll never make my money back, terrified that I'll show up in nothing but my underwear on accident because I was too distracted with trying to look like I knew what I was doing with a FILM camera (you know, the stuff they used before digital SLR's)

a super awesome, talented, and kind photographer is letting me use her old film equipment for the workshop.  A medium format mamiya645.  its the most amazing and beautiful thing ever.  it was so fun to watch her pull out this GINORMOUS rolling suitcase out of her closet and unleash the old film equipment.  One camera still had batteries in it that had eroded over the past 6 years and so that was was pretty much toast for now.  luckily anyone who is anyone in the film world has a backup for their backup and she had another beautiful beast that was ready to go.  she even gave me all of her expired film to practice on!!  can you even believe the generosity???

so try I did.  thank you so much Jen!!  (anyone need a great photographer?  here's her website again.  just do it.)

here's my first roll and I couldn't be more proud of it.  yes its juvenile and the composition isn't perfect and some are underexposed, but I CANNOT believe how beautiful film is!! even expired for a few years!!  every spot and scratch on the film (maybe thats from the lab?) makes it more amazing to me.  one day I'll figure out what I'm doing and you'll love film too.

 my favourite (below).


  1. so excited for our shoot! beautiful pics!

  2. Can't wait for you to arrive here at our house! :) You will do great. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. See you soon!!


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