Wednesday, November 16, 2011


this shoot was such a fun challenge for me.  people E-VER-Y-WHERE.  I'm lucky they all didn't turn out like paparazzi shots.  

can you even handle how beautiful they all are?  seriously, ANYONE related to them must just be a fine piece of meat.  especially the girls.  especially the girls who take pictures for a hobby of their cousins at state fairs.  eh? eh?

 I have no idea why this bottom color mother/daughter is blurry.  curse you blogger!

gimme a break, I've been making collages for 5 seconds.


  1. i do not have any words to describe how much i appreciate you capturing my family. i have already made photo books for the grandparentals and my christmas cards are being addressed. you rock the casbah, sister friend.

  2. beautiful shoot remi. love love love everything about it! wish we were closer so you could capture my family. you are a natural!


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